June 24, 2016

by HME News

CQRC Expresses ‘Disappointment’ Over House Inaction

The Council for Quality Respiratory Care has called on Congressional leaders to act on legislation that would retroactively delay cuts that go into effect July 1. Although the Senate on June 22 unanimoulsy passed S. 2736, an unexpected sit-in in the House of Representatives over gun control last week prevented a similar bill, H.R. 5210, from being passed before lawmakers adjourned for the July 4th recess. “We are extremely disappointed that the PADME Act was not passed before the July 1 deadline, and strongly urge Congress to act immediately when they return to Washington. Delaying these cuts is crucial to protecting patients and providing the time needed to adequately study how cuts are impacting beneficiary access and care services,” said Dan Starck, Chairman of CQRC.

To learn more, visit cqrc.org and follow CQRC on Twitter at @TheCQRC.

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