The CQRC remains committee to protecting access to home respiratory therapy and advocates for policies that support patient-centered care and create economic stability. We support payment policies that align with the Congressional intent not to expand competitive bidding to rural areas. We support prior authorization and other common sense policies to eliminate the quagmire of the current audit process. Most importantly, the CQRC wants to make sure that Medicare beneficiaries who require life-sustaining non-invasive ventilation therapy so they can remain in their home with their families have access to it.

CQRC supports policies that reduce the overwhelming audit burden that delays payments to suppliers and leads to patients having to provide co-payment amounts that have compounded during the audit appeal process.

CQRC supports setting payments rates in a way that recognizes the cost of providing home respiratory therapies to patients.

  • CQRC supports legislation to reduce the substantial rate cut Medicare has begun implementing on January 1. Learn More

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Millions of Americans are living with COPD and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, experiencing acute respiratory failure, or living with neuromuscular diseases. These individuals rely upon home respiratory therapies to remain at home. Learn more about home respiratory therapies and how they can help.

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